Calculate Your 7th Pay Commission GDS Arrears

Finance Ministry approved 7th pay commission recommendation and waiting for cabinet approval for final implementation. Once the cabinet approves gds pay commission report, the increased salary and increased gds arrears from 01.01.2016 will be given from implemented date. Calculate your salary after 7th pay commission using Gds Salary Calculator 2018 | Designed After FinMin approval and here is how to calculate your GDS Arrears after implementation of pay commission from 01.01.2016.

Calculate your GDS Pay commission Arrears.

In order to calculate gds pay commission arrears, you must know your TRCA Slab. You can find it using below table,

gds arrears calculator

If you are working as a Mail Carrier/Mail Packer/Mail Man and working hours between 3 to 5 hours, you will fall under tables from 1 to 3 accordingly. Like wise you can find your corresponding arrears table using above table.

GDS Arrears Table.

After knowing your arrears table number, you can go to the particular arrears table and calculate monthly arrears after implementation. Totally 11 different arrears table recommended by Hon. Mr. Kamalesh Chandra. These 11 tables are based on the above Trca table. Step by Step explanations given in end of the article.

GDS arrears

gds arrears calculator

Gds arrears table
                             GDS Arrears Table 3


Gds salary arrears
                          GDS Arrears Table 4


GDS 7th pay commission arrears
                            GDS Arrears Table 5


calculate gds arrears

Gds arrears
                            GDS Arrears Table . 7


GDS arrears
                                  GDS Arrears Table 8


How to calculate Gds Arrears
                                 GDS Arrers Table 9


GDS Arrears Calculator
                             GDS Arrears Table 10


GDS arrears
                          GDS Arrears Table 11

Calculate Gds arrears.

Step 1: Know your TRCA slab and corresponding Arrears table. If you are working as a gds BPM with 3 hours working time, then your corresponding arrears table is 7.

Step 2 : Now Find your present Trca in corresponding arrears table. Let your present Trca is 2745, then your arrears per month is 2824/ per month. You can find it in col. no. 6 of arrears table.


Step 3. Now multiply your monthly arrears with number of months from 01.01.2016. In this case 2824 x 26 months = 73424. Rs Twenty Three Thousands and Four Hundred and Twenty Four only.

These calculations are based on the Hon. Mr. Kamalesh Chandra report. The arrears amount may after the approval from cabinet.



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