Gds Bpm, Gds Mc, Gds MD : All about Gramin Dak Sevak jobs roles

India post has  finally released the notification for most awaiting Gramin Dak Sevak Recruitment 2017. Since Notification released candidates started to asking what is gds bpm, gds md and gds mc or gds md/mc?. Here all you want to know about gramin dak sevak posts. Check out the latest article on  GDS BPM salary 2017 : How much salary gds bpm will get? . There are four known posts under gramin dak sevak. Such as Gds BPM(Gramin Dak Sevak Branch PostMaster), Gds MC(Gramin Dak Sevak Mail Carrier), Gds MD(Gramin Dak Sevak Mail Delivery) and finally Gds MD/MC(Gramin Dak Sevak MailDelivary and Mail Carrier).

What is Gramin Dak Sevak?

First of all we need to know what is gds or gramin dak sevak. The postal employee who do service or works in rural places of india is called as Gramin Dak Sevak Or GDS. Most of the post offices are in rural india, hence its called gramin dak sevak. As mentioned above there are typically three posts under gds, such as GDS BPM, GDS MD, GDS MC. There are over 154882 post offices (as on 31.03.2014)of which 1, 39,182 (89.86%) are in the rural areas.

What Is GDS BPM and Job roles of GDS BPM?

The full form of gds bpm is gramin dak sevak branch postmaster. Typically gds bpm is head of the branch post office. Bpm will receive the mails from account office, once the mails received bpm will hand over the to GDS MD. Apart from this bpm will do all the financial transaction such as SB, RD, SSA and other saving bank schemes deposit and withdrawals and Collection of RPLI(Rural Postal Life Insurance) . Once he completed his work he will submit his vouchers to account office.

What is GDS MD and the Job roles of GDS MD?

The full form of GDS MD is Gramin Dak Sevak MailDeliverer. The name itself denotes the gds md is to deliver the mails or letters to public. Gds MD will collect Mails from gds bpm, deliver to the public at the end of the day gds md will submit the delivery status of mails or letter to gds bpm. Other than this gds md has to boost the business of post offices by approaching people directly and asking them to start accounts with post office. Normally people will call gds md as postman. There are difference between gds md and Postman. Postman will work in department post offices only such as head post offices and some of the sub post offices.gds bpm gds md gds mc

What is GDS MC and Job roles of GDS MC?

The full form of GDS MC is Gramin Dak Sevak Mail Carrier. The gds md will carry mail bag and account bag from account office or sub post office. Gds Bpm will receive bags from gds mail carrier. At the end of the day when all the works done, the gds bpm hand over the mail bag and account bag to gds mail carrier. The gds mc hand over the mail bag and account bag to the Account office or sub post office. The GDS MC responsible for what is carrying from account office to branch post office.

What is GDS MD/MC?

where there is no separate gds mail carrier is not  available the post office, gds md itself has to carry mail bag and account bag from account office. And then has to do the delivery of mails received from account office. The one who do the both the works of GDS MD and GDS MC called as GDS MD/MC.

What is Gds Pkr and roles of Gds Pkr?

Gramin Dak Sevak Packer is the full  form of Gds pkr. Gds pkr job role is almost same as the gds mc. Gds pkr will receive mail bag from MMS and hand it over to Sub Post Master. Some of the works of maintaining report and records. Working hours of gds packer will be 3 to 3.30 as other gramin dak sewak posts.

The working hours of all the gramin dak sevak posts will be 3 to 5 hours.



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