SBI Clerk Salary 2017 Why You Should Know?

What is the need of knowing the salary of a recruitment or job we apply? what is important in it? How knowing sbi clerk salary 2017 help you to success in sbi clerk recruitment 2017-18. The Sbi clerk notification 2017 is going to released in the next months. To success in this exam, I discussed the method which I used.  As a government exam aspirants I used to know more about salary of post or job I am going to appear rather than syllabus of that exam, exam pattern and previous year question papers. In this case I suggest you to know about sbi clerk salary 2017 more than sbi clerk syllabus 2017 , Exam pattern and previous year question papers. Here I am not telling you to not concentrate on syllabus,  exam pattern and previous year question paper.

You should expertise these also but you should know more about salary and promotion benefits of the exam that you are going to appear. Here I will tell you why I was aware of salary rather than other thing which is useful to clear the exam. The one word which is going to motivate you towards the exam is “SALARY”. There is no substitute word for SALARY. If you ask any government exam aspirants Why you are preparing for government exams ?, their reply will be attractive Salary, Job Security, Social Status etc. Salary takes the first place than job security and social status in this case. Everybody things that how much salary will i get in this jobs? What are the promotion benefits in this job?. Every time I loose my confident I used to read the salary and promotion benefits of that job.

For example, If I get this get this job I will get a minimum salary of 25000 per month with 2 time increase in Dearness allowance and One annual increment. This job is going to give me job security rather than any private jobs and social status. Whenever I visualize this in my mind, i will feel refreshed and motivated towards that exam. If you want get success in sbi clerk recruitment 2017-18 ask yourself these questions every day,

  • what is the current sbi clerk salary in hand?
  • Revised salary of sbi clerk after 11th bipartite?
  • SBI Clerk salary after 7th pay commission ? What is in it for bank employees in 7th pay commission?
  • What is promotion benefits of sbi clerk 2017? Promotion from sbi clerk to po(probationary officer)?
  • How my first month sbi clerk salary slip look like?

Also add other salary related questions in above list that drive you towards the exam preparation. Dream this question and their answers, feel it and work with it. It will drive you mentally towards the exam and motivate you to succeed in the exam. Let stick with the topic, what is the salary of sbi clerk and promotion details of sbi clerk, the furthermore details are,

SBI Clerk salary 2017

The current basic salary of sbi clerk is Rs.13730/-. With Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Transport Allowance, Special Allowance, Special Pay the gross salary will be 23,500. The Dearness Allowance (DA) of the bank employee, is fixed quarterly based on the Consumer Price Index(CPI). The detailed explanation of sbi clerk salary 2017 is explained below,

[table id=7 /]

The gross salary of sbi clerk is 23499 (approx) and the net salary or take home salary of sbi clerk is 19762. The deductions mentioned in the above are subject to change. Dearness Allowance, HRA, TA , Spcial Allowance are standard allowance for all clerks working in State Bank of India.

SBI Clerk Salary pay slip

The salary slip or pay slip of sbi clerk who working in state bank of india from March, 2016 is given below. Left side of the pay slip are earning and allowance for the employees, right side of pay slip is deduction of the employee. The gross salary of the employee is 23500 and take home salary is 16463.

SBI Clerk Salary 2017

In this sbi clerk salary slip, the employee has two wheeler loan deduction and festival advance deduction other than than the usual deduction.

Revised salary of sbi clerk after 11th bipartite?

Before step into 11th bipartite we should know what is bipartite settlement? The settlement between indian bank association and workmen union is called bs bipartite settlement. The first bipartite settlement signed in 1966. The current bipartite settlement is the 11th bipartite settlement for bank employees in india. This bipartite will revise the salary of bank employees every five year. The workmen unions closely watching 7th pay commission for central government employees. The salary of bank employees and central government employees has huge difference. Workmen unions expecting to reduce this gap in 11th bipartite settlement. After 11th bipartite settlement the salary of bank employees increased to the level of central government employees.

SBI Clerk Salary 2017 after 7th pay commission?

As I said earlier there is no direct benefit from 7th pay commission for bank employees. The central government already increased the salary of central government employees. It’s comparatively higher than bank employees in India. To reduce this irrationality bank employees fighting hardly to get their rights. The salary of bank employees in lower than central government employees in 6th pay commission itself. Let’s hope the 11th bipartite settlement increase the salary of bank employees equal to salary of central government employees after 7th pay commission.

Promotion Benefits of SBI Clerk 2017?

Sbi clerk get financial upgrade for every 10 years of service. After the completion of first 10 year service sbi clerk promoted as senior assistant and gets special allowance of Rs.1800. In the end of 20 years service the sbi clerk is promoted as Special Assistant and gets a special allowance of Rs.2500. After completion of 30 years of service as sbi clerk, he/she promoted as Senior Special Assistant and gets a 3500 special allowance. These are the financial ugrades given to sbi clerks in their regular service.

Trainee Officer

To become a trainee officer sbi clerk must completed to the 3 years of service and must clear the promotion exam, interview process. Based on their performance trainee officer might be recruited as MMGS-II(Middle Management Grade Scale-II). The sbi clerk promoted as JMGS-I after completion of 12 years of service and clearing the written exam and interview.


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